Data Science + Programmatic Ad Platform + Unique ROI Analytics

Verve has built the only end-to-end mobile advertising solution purpose-built to help brands drive consumers to retail by combining our proprietary data platform with our fully-programmatic ad platform.

This complete solution ensures data and execution integrity, and includes robust analytics and insights to prove it’s working.

Data Platform

Verve’s team of PhD data scientists leverage state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms, predictive models, machine learning and big data to solve practical problems for advertisers.

Their goal is to help brands understand the real-world path-to-purchase and drive people into stores to increase sales.

Fed by first-party data, this data science generates the optimal geo and audience segments that target the right people in the right places with the right message at the right time.

Ad Tech

Verve has built the only proprietary end-to-end mobile ad platform for premium advertisers and publishers.

Our fully programmatic demand side capabilities support managed services, SaaS self-service interfaces, API integration as well as customized private marketplaces.

Our unique hex-grid targeting platform enables precise location targeting at scale.

Our publisher-facing ad platform and SDK enable premium publishers to maximize revenue and provide the contextual relevance our brand advertisers require.


Verve’s big data analytics platform crunches billions of mobile data signals, including location, behavior, context, demographics and transactional data on the consumer’s path-to-purchase to generate our unique Consumer Path Analysis, which generates deep insights about your most engaged customers and actually proves that your mobile advertising with Verve drives foot traffic and ROI for your brand.

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