Verve powers publishers’ mobile strategies, maximizing revenue and reach

Our commitment to the highest quality data and industry-leading creativity propels the depth and fidelity of your audience, creating genuine engagement that grows scale and inspires interaction.


Our patented location intelligence technology, Verve Kineticleverages a network of premium media partners to connect people with the advertisers they care about, delivering incredible capability without the complexity. Verve captures location context-specific data directly from native-on-the-device app partners, rather than inferred from third party exchanges, to ensure top quality, non-fraudulent data assets. We process hundreds of billions of location data points each month. We layer this rich location data on top of a broad, known and verified location library. We match with publisher and advertisers' 1st party data sets with match rates that are unprecedented in the industry. The location-based behavior patterns that we uncover build a rich understanding of consumers and the advertising experiences they will respond to best.


Our world-class team of data scientists and engineers use verified location context data to provide insights at all points of interaction – from audience development and ad delivery to continuous real-time optimization and ad performance attribution, all enabled by mobile's expanding native capabilities. Verve drives results for both brands and their customers by combining consumer behavior, location and context data in real-time – building ad experiences that are as relevant as they are precise.

Verve Foundry

With mobile, every pixel counts. Whether swiping or pinching or zooming or tapping, the way that we interact on mobile couldn’t be more different than desktop. Creative doesn’t need to be adjusted; it needs to be reinvented. Reinventing creative means that we have to be smarter; we must never be intrusive. Verve Foundry is full of award-winning designers and developers who care about creating experiences that enhance a consumer’s time spent on a publisher’s app or mobile site.  We are not simply delivering advertising messages; at Verve, we are passionate about delivering truly meaningful, memorable and magical moments.

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