Location is a big deal

Industry Colleagues –

I’m excited to share with you Verve Mobile’s inaugural “Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report”. This report highlights key insights from over 2,500 mobile campaigns run across our location-based mobile ad platform in 2012. 

Going forward, we will publish our Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report on a regular, quarterly basis. 

A little background on Verve

Verve leverages location data to help major brand advertisers achieve their mobile marketing goals.  We work with premium publishers so that advertisers only appear in contextually relevant, brand-safe environments.  We typically collaborate with brands on complex, location data-driven executions that leverage dynamic rich media and pull location related information and/or product information into the user experience.

Therefore, this report is a very good representation of the state of the market in premium location powered mobile advertising, but it does not reflect the lower-end standard banner or direct response mobile advertising market.  Verve is the trusted partner for so many premier brands simply because we have the most sophisticated location-based advertising platform in the business and the most experience — we have been doing this since 2005!   We can execute a wide range of mobile solutions that leverage location technology and location data (unlike some of the point solutions that have emerged more recently) because we have more high quality location data than anyone in mobile and we have more experience leveraging that data to make mobile work smarter for brands.  

Location is a big deal. 

For the history of digital advertising we’ve basically been targeting on a few things, like content and cookie data.  The big new data set mobile brings to the table is location  – a data set that can be as important at inferring intent, demographics, audience segments and other attributes as any we have seen to date in digital advertising. And it brings genuine value to end users – helping them find products and services where and when they want them – a key attribute of the most valuable advertising mediums.

Verve can leverage location data to help brands reach consumers near their real world locations and drive foot traffic.  But what about reaching people who aren’t currently nearby, but live or work nearby?  We can do that too.  Or to retarget people who have recently been at or near a store or location?  Yup, that too.  What about reaching your desired audience wherever they may be?  Yes, we can target only the users you want to reach — like soccer moms or business travelers or outdoor enthusiasts — through our proprietary audience segments built based on data associated with user locations.  And we can use location data to reach people based on particular demographics or transactional histories by incorporating with third party data providers.  All of this is possible and it’s the “sweet spot” of mobile advertising.

We hope this report gives you a glimpse into the impressive possibilities of location powered mobile marketing.


Tom MacIsaac
CEO, Verve Mobile



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