Verve Mobile Appoints Chief Business Development Officer Brad Herman to Advance Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Strategy

NEW YORK – April 27, 2015  Following the recent appointment of chief executive officer Nada Stirratt, Verve Mobile, the leader in location-based mobile advertising, today announced the appointment of Brad Herman to the newly created role of chief business development officer, effective immediately. In this key leadership role, Herman will report directly to Stirratt and will be responsible for Verve’s go-to-market strategy and accelerating strategic partnerships and business development. 

Herman joins Verve from online video advertising platform Videology. As the company’s chief media officer, Herman was responsible for all media operations, corporate development, product strategy, sales and publisher relations. He was instrumental in building the company’s demand platform and in forging a number of strategic partnerships with prominent media partners including Google and Sony.

“The complexity of serving location-based advertising on mobile devices for marketers of all levels requires continual innovation across many different constituencies,” said Nada Stirratt, chief executive officer, Verve Mobile. “Brad Herman is a proven talent in developing product partnerships and driving unique service relationships to accelerate revenue growth. Having Brad join me to focus on these efforts is a true honor and I’m extremely confident that he will quickly have a positive impact on Verve’s business.”

Prior to Videology, Herman worked for Stirratt at MTV Networks, where he was senior vice president of digital operations. Here he oversaw digital sales and campaign operations, strategy, yield optimization, business intelligence and product development. Herman was also responsible for streamlining MTV’s ad serving system and played a critical role in negotiating a $500 million partnership between Viacom and Microsoft, granting the latter the exclusive right to market Viacom’s unsold advertising inventory.

“Today, the opportunity for location-based advertising is significant and global and the seamless integration of product and corporate strategy is critical,” said Herman. “I am excited to join Verve and help accelerate the investments of such an innovative company.”

Herman holds a B.A. in economics from Duke University and is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law. His rich legal expertise has generated over $3 billion across a wide variety of transactional, financial and security matters. As the senior director of corporate development at Herman was recruited by the CEO to drive the company’s liquidity strategy and ultimately led the platform’s IPO process that culminated in a $435 million sale to AOL.

He will be based in Verve’s Washington, D.C. office.

How Location Became The Tail Wagging The Future of Mobile Ad Creative


By: Joel Fisher, VP & Creative Director, Verve Mobile

This article was originally published in Mobile Marketer Daily

Mobile is unique to other advertising channels. Its connection to real-world behavior makes an ad’s context, content and creative critical to its success.

According to eMarketer, time spent on mobile devices has grown by an impressive 529 percent since 2010, surpassing all forms of traditional media including television. It should come as no surprise that mobile ad spend is expected to surpass desktop for the first time this year.

We know that location-informed mobile campaigns yield powerful results. Campaigns that leverage location-based targeting outperform those that do not. 

In fact, mobile campaigns generate three times the amount of foot traffic and produce a 27 percent increase in sales on average, according to our data.

Looking at the most successful location-informed mobile campaigns over the past 18 months, it is clear there are several creative techniques that drive more traffic to the aisles, showrooms and tables of advertisers.

Here is a snapshot of what works best for advertisers on mobile.

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Travel Marketers Put Personalization Back on the Map in 2015


By: Alison Corbat, Executive Director, Sales Planning, Verve

While travel brands take strides to achieve superior levels of customer personalization, few travel marketers have seen real success. Even brands that have prospered have done so at the macro level and outside the sphere of digital. A mainstream consumer’s travel ‘experience’ – often generic and impersonal – has traditionally left much to be desired, but it appears like things are about to change. 2015 is shaping up to be the year that travel marketers focus on what it means to offer a deeply unique and personal experience to passengers and guests.

Today, brands must adapt to the needs of the on the go, unwearied vacationer by combining distinct, tailored digital offerings and the consumer need for instant gratification in the mobile marketplace.

Hotels brands like Kimpton Hotels have begun to take advantage of the real-time feedback and market intelligence that can be exchanged over mobile devices, and they’re using this information to provide comprehensive solutions to meet the individual needs of consumers.

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Verve’s Next Webinar | Driving Foot Traffic for CPGs

Register today for our upcoming webinar to learn how location-powered mobile advertising is particularly successful in driving foot traffic to retailers. 

We’ll address the following key topics:

  • How geo-aware mobile technologies are shaping the future of mobile advertising and paving the way for more dynamic creative formats.
  • How device-level purchase data can increase ROI.
  • How location-powered mobile campaigns produce unparalleled data and insight on purchase-level transactions and store-specific foot traffic.   

Space is limited, so please reserve your spot today for Wednesday, February 4 at 1:30pm ET

The Future Of Dynamic Mobile Ads [Infographic]


The growth of mobile has snowballed to the point where mobile media has surpassed online traffic, making up 70% of all digital traffic in the U.S. In that time, the smartphone has become ubiquitous and the creative executions more sophisticated and compelling to consumers.

One of the most exciting developments is leveraging location data to inform audience targeting and segmentation. Smart advertisers are now looking to leverage a consumer’s location to tailor ad served to them in the midst of his path to purchase. The below infographic – now live on – is a summary of the best performing mobile ad creative (from the past year), showcasing the techniques that best utilize location data to boost engagement and campaign performance.

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CPG Brands Drive Sales With Location-Powered Mobile Ads [Infographic]

CPG Thumb

CPG is the fastest-growing category in location-powered advertising—the third largest location-powered advertising vertical — and is on track to continue its heavy spending in 2015. Location-aware mobile advertising is a proven driver of measurable foot traffic to retail. It works best by blending first- and third-party data, location-informed audience targeting, and precise proximity targeting, to ensure CPG brand messages are served in and around a shopper’s real world path to purchase.

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