What’s happening in the world of mobile advertising

The Dirty Little Secret About Location Targeting In Mobile

As Sir Martin Sorrell said, location targeting in mobile is the holy grail of marketing. Reaching consumers when they are out and about, on the go, interacting with both the digital and real worlds together can actually fulfill the longstanding goal of ‘right ad, right person, right place, right time’.

Location is a big deal. For the history of digital advertising we’ve basically been targeting on a few things, like content, cookie data and search. The big new data set mobile brings to the table is location – a data set that can be as important at inferring intent, demographics, audience segments and other attributes as any we have seen to date. And it brings genuine value to end users – helping them find products and services where and when they want them – a key attribute of the most valuable advertising mediums.

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Bill Ganon Speaks at 2013 Mega Conference

Today from 4-5 p.m. our very own SVP, GM of Local Markets, Bill Ganon will be discussing “The Serious Potential of Mobile Ad Sales” at the 2013 Mega Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Key Executives Mega Conference is the largest annual local media event attracting over 500 decision makers from local media companies in the U.S. and Canada. The conference is hosted jointly by the Inland Press Association, Local Media Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and runs through February 20th.

For more information about #2013MegaConf check out the program.

Verve Discovers Correlation Between Mobile Ad Performance and TV Ads During Super Bowl XLVII

Since Super Bowl Sunday a handful of articles have been published from respectable sources such as Nielsen highlighting the fact consumers are more in touch with their mobile devices during major sports events compared to years past. Which got us thinking…

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eMarketer Highlights Verve Location Data

eMarketer’s latest report about mobile targeting features important data from Verve’s inaugural Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report. The two charts below highlight percent of campaigns by targeting tactic and industry plus targeting tactic.  Campaigns that leveraged location targeting performed better than those that did not, in most cases by 2x.

As marketers continue to explore mobile marketing, location needs to be at the forefront of their strategy because it brings genuine value to end users. Additionally, quality location data can help brands reach consumers near their real world locations and drive foot traffic to stores more effectively traditional media resources.

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Location is a big deal

Industry Colleagues –

I’m excited to share with you Verve Mobile’s inaugural “Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report”. This report highlights key insights from over 2,500 mobile campaigns run across our location-based mobile ad platform in 2012. 

Going forward, we will publish our Location Powered Mobile Advertising Report on a regular, quarterly basis. 

A little background on Verve

Verve leverages location data to help major brand advertisers achieve their mobile marketing goals.  We work with premium publishers so that advertisers only appear in contextually relevant, brand-safe environments.  We typically collaborate with brands on complex, location data-driven executions that leverage dynamic rich media and pull location related information and/or product information into the user experience.

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Mobile Isn’t a Device, it’s a Mindset

Verve’s regional Vice President, Michael May, attended the J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Marketing Roundtable conference last week in Las Vegas, NV. As one of the keystone events for the automotive marketing community, Michael captured some great insights and made some keen observations that we thought you would find interesting.

If there was one central theme this year, it is the concept that mobile is not about the device itself; it’s about the shift in the consumer mindset that mobile devices have created in our culture. This of course has resulted in a shift in consumer behavior, and it is paramount for auto manufacturers to recognize this shift, and the role that mobile is now playing in the purchase funnel, as they engage in media planning for 2013.

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