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In mobile marketing, it’s all about location. Consumers interact with mobile media differently from media consumed on the wired web. They’re looking for and interacting with information about the world around them as they’re out and about and on the go, constantly connected via their mobile devices. Millions of online and brick and mortar buying decisions are being made on tablets and smartphones every day.

To succeed, mobile advertising must reflect this new marketing reality. And when it comes to location-based mobile advertising, nobody does it like Verve. We offer advertisers market-leading location technology, premium inventory, proprietary location and audience data, and innovative creative executions that are only available from Verve.

Unrivaled targeting technology

Simply put, ours is the most intelligent location-aware mobile ad platform available. It enables advertisers to target by real-time user location or using geo-fences or location-driven audience and behavioral targeting with dynamic, location-aware versioning that takes relevance and results to the next level.

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Exclusive, premium inventory

Nobody offers the premium reach we do, with deep penetration across all DMAs, 3500+ high-quality mobile publishers, and over 100 million mobile users.

But that’s just part of the story.

Only Verve also gives you access to the national footprint of 35+ million users who frequent our Verve platform publisher sites – all brand-safe, location-relevant, content-rich properties that engage consumers where they live, work and play.

Proprietary platform and data

Our unique location technology and large network of publishers who use Verve to power their mobile sites and apps, give us access to proprietary, first-party location and audience data you can’t get anywhere else.

Our deep insights into transactional, demographic and location-based attributes let you target impression by impression.

Creative that drives results

Our creative team is trusted by leading brands for complex, dynamic executions that leverage the power of location.

Pull real-time user location (like distance to a retail location), local conditions (like current weather), or other location-related data into the creative to speak to your audience with timing and relevance only location-based mobile advertising can deliver.

Unique mobile insights

Verve conducts proprietary market research in key categories (automotive, retail, QSR-casual dining, travel, and more), providing brands and agencies with real-time mobile consumer insights useful in planning marketing campaigns.

Verve also provides unmatched business building consumer insights with each campaign by showing how people respond to your message on smartphones and tablets where they live, work, and play.