How Location Became The Tail Wagging The Future of Mobile Ad Creative


February 11, 2015 — Mobile Marketer Mobile is unique to other advertising channels. Its connection to real-world behavior makes an ad’s context, content and creative critical to its success.

According to eMarketer, time spent on mobile devices has grown by an impressive 529 percent since 2010, surpassing all forms of traditional media including television. It should come as no surprise that mobile ad spend is expected to surpass desktop for the first time this year.
We know that location-informed mobile campaigns yield powerful results. Campaigns that leverage location-based targeting outperform those that do not. 
In fact, mobile campaigns generate three times the amount of foot traffic and produce a 27 percent increase in sales on average, according to our data.
Looking at the most successful location-informed mobile campaigns over the past 18 months, it is clear there are several creative techniques that drive more traffic to the aisles, showrooms and tables of advertisers. 
Here is a snapshot of what works best for advertisers on mobile. 

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The Future Of Dynamic Mobile Ads [Infographic]


The growth of mobile has snowballed to the point where mobile media has surpassed online traffic, making up 70% of all digital traffic in the U.S. In that time, the smartphone has become ubiquitous and the creative executions more sophisticated and compelling to consumers.

One of the most exciting developments is leveraging location data to inform audience targeting and segmentation. Smart advertisers are now looking to leverage a consumer’s location to tailor ad served to them in the midst of his path to purchase. The below infographic – now live on – is a summary of the best performing mobile ad creative (from the past year), showcasing the techniques that best utilize location data to boost engagement and campaign performance.

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Go Local Or Go Home: Meredith Corporation Gets Serious About Location

January 6, 2014 — Mobile isn’t desktop. That might seem like an obvious statement – but just because something’s obvious, doesn’t mean it’s being put into practice.

“Some people don’t get it, and for a time, that was us,” said Michael Cukyne, SVP of digital media at Meredith Corporation, where he and his team focus on broadcast stations in local markets across the US, including Atlanta, Nashville, Portland, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

But Meredith more than gets it now.

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Raycom, Meredith and FOX Join Verve Portfolio of Premium Mobile Content Publishers

The Location-Informed Mobile Leader Bolsters Corral of Thousands of Premium, Location-Centric Mobile Media Properties Across News, Weather, Sports and Lifestyle Mobile Sites and Apps

January 6, 2014 – New York, NY – Verve, the leader in location-informed mobile advertising data and technology, announced today that broadcast giants Raycom Media, Meredith Corporation and FOX Broadcasting Company have signed on to use the Verve platform to host their mobile apps. The TV companies join more than 2,000 media properties using Verve’s white-label native app and mobile web frameworks and distributed advertising platform to manage their mobile content. The announcement comes on the heels of a strong 2014 for Verve, driven by rapid product development and top executive talent and customer acquisition.

“The Verve Platform allows Meredith to effectively package, distribute and monetize exciting content on mobile devices,” said Michael Cukyne, senior vice president, Digital Media, Meredith Corporation. “These are user-friendly mobile apps that are driving our pageviews and user engagement numbers to new levels.”

The three broadcasting companies chose Verve for building and hosting their new mobile apps because of its industry-leading platform that creates a rich user experience through customizable layouts. The platform also offers publishers the flexibility to make real-time changes without updating the app. The self-service interface empowers publishers with the ability to showcase their digital content around features like video stories, live streaming video, photo galleries, social content sharing and user submissions. Additionally, the Verve mobile app platform helps publishers to offer precise proximity targeting to advertisers seeking to drive foot traffic to retail, and pull on-demand reports from its self-serve portal or reporting API.

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Verve Mobile Signs Up Major Broadcasters For White Label Location Ad Program

January 6, 2014 — As mobile advertising and programmatic sales methods become more common, the television ad sales units under media giants Raycom Media, Meredith Corporation, and the FOX Broadcasting Company have adopted Verve Mobile’s location advertising platform to host their mobile apps.

The TV properties join about 2,000 media outlets using Verve’s white-label native app and mobile web advertising network. The addition of these big media names reflects a greater need on the part of major publishers to offer cross-platform solutions, particularly in the intersection of mobile and programmatic.

“The Verve Platform allows Meredith to effectively package, distribute, and monetize exciting content on mobile devices,” said Michael Cukyne, Meredith’s SVP for Digital Media. “These are user-friendly mobile apps that are driving our pageviews and user engagement numbers to new levels.”

Programmatic Push

Verve has spent much of the past year expanding its programmatic tools. Most notably, in October, Verve began laying the groundwork for private marketplaces, which offer media sellers a greater degree of control when making their ads available for automated buying and real-time bidding. Around the same time Verve was unveiling its supply-side platform plans, geo-marketing specialist xAd expanded its partnership with ad exchange player PubMatic on a geo-centric private marketplace for media properties.

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